Punch! Arquitectura 3D

Punch! Arquitectura 3D offers all the professional tools you need to design, remodel and decorate your dream house! The application’s intuitive interface and complete program make it easy for you to bring your dream home to life and realize all of your architectural ambitions.
Add and remove walls. Insert rooms, dividers and windows.

Drag and drop furniture and appliances.

Detail your design; change the floor, the color of the walls, the height of the ceiling.

Design your garden, choosing from hundreds of plants. Add decks, paths, or fences.

Punch! Arquitectura 3D
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Overview - Arquitectura 3D

House Design

  • Technical plans: electricity, plumbing, heating and air conditioner.
  • Importation of digital plans.
  • NEW. Importation of 3D Studio Max files.
  • Ability to create endless sidings, decks and of designing all kind of roofs.
  • Module to decide the orientation of the sun.
  • NEW. Ceiling editor to customize the interior.

Interior and Exterior Remodeling

  • Photoview. Import, add and retouch your personal photos.
  • Cabinet Wizard
  • Trim Wizard
  • Layout Manager

Garden & Exteriors

  • An impressive library of plants for the detailed planning of your garden.
  • Editor/Land Designer.
  • Editor/Topography Designer.
  • Editor/Pool Designer

Decoration and Planning

  • 3D furniture editor to create your furniture from beginning to end.
  • New objects to renovate the interior.
  • NEW importation of 3DS objects.
  • Materials editor.
  • Recreate your house and redecorate it in almost real life!

Project Presentation

  • Animator: Do a virtual tour of your house and record it.
  • Help for the presentation.
  • Mockups.

Arquitectura 3D Experto System Requirements

Version 2009
Size 1.65 GB

Operating System
Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit,

Pentium™ 1GB
DVD-ROM, 3GB disk space
Windows® 98/Me with 512 MB of RAM
Windows® XP SP1 and SP2 with 512 MB of RAM
Windows® VISTA with 1 GB of RAM
3D Video card compatible with Direct X 8.1
Internet connection to download additional components

What version do I need?

Architectura 3D
Diseño de Interiores

Architectura 3D
Architectura 3D Experto
Interior design Yes Yes Yes
Import numbered plans Yes Yes Yes
Plans search (library of plans) Yes Yes Yes
Roof design Yes Yes Yes
List of materials for the roof Yes Yes Yes
3D virtual tour Yes Yes Yes
Library of objects Yes Yes Yes
Anglosaxonmetric system Yes Yes Yes
Cut view Yes Yes Yes
Deck design Yes Yes Yes
Export and Import files JPED, PSD, PNG, TGA, WMF and BMP Yes Yes Yes
File conversion from AutoCADTM 2D to 3D Yes Yes Yes
Fundamentals planner Yes Yes Yes
Electric installation planner Yes Yes Yes
Plumbing planner Yes Yes Yes
Air conditioner and heating Yes Yes Yes
Controls for Ilumination Yes Yes Yes
Translucent tool Yes Yes Yes
Decorator palets Yes Yes Yes
Import 3Ds Yes Yes Yes
Furniture size classification Yes Yes Yes
Power Tools™      
Room Wizard No Yes Yes
3D Custom Workshop No Yes Yes
Estimator Yes Yes Yes
Deck Designer No Yes Yes
Roofing Wizard No Yes Yes
Topography Designer Yes Yes Yes
Export DXF/DWG No Yes Yes
Import DXF/DWG No No Yes
Framing Editor No Yes Yes
RealModel – 3D Mockups No Yes Yes
PhotoView – View from any angle No Yes Yes
PhotoView Editor No Yes Yes
Cabinet Wizard No Yes Yes
Layout Manager No Yes Yes
Elevation Editor No Yes Yes
Animator – Design tour, AVI exportation Yes Yes Yes
Fireplace Wizard No Yes Yes
Site Planner (Surveyor) No No Yes
Plant Editor by category No No Yes
Window Designer No No Yes
Door Designer No No Yes
Fence Designer No No Yes
Symbol Editor No No Yes
Section Detailer No No Yes
Trim Wizard No Yes Yes
Personalized Material Workshop No Yes Yes
Pool designer No Yes Yes
Global Sun positioning module No Yes Yes
New modern and european objects Yes Yes Yes
New plans Yes Yes Yes
Mantel designer No No Yes
Roof designer No No Yes
New Objects (Illumination/Materials/Barbecue) Yes Yes Yes
Window Tool; Quick creation of bedrooms and windows Yes Yes Yes
2D view from above Yes Yes Yes
Photorealistic effects Yes Yes Yes
Day/Nigth view with a click Yes Yes Yes
Personalized details Yes Yes Yes

Arquitectura 3D Advantages

With Punch! Arquitectura 3D you will be able to…

Turn into a Professional Architect, creating your own plans… Work precisely to trace the plans of your house. Easily insert the measurements of your house, doors and windows, and visualize the results in real time, and in 3D.

Follow the easy to use, and intuitive, assistants for extra guidance.

Decorate and personalize the interior of your house… Modern or classic, design the interior of your house according to your own taste. Let the program’s assistants guide you in your choice of decoration, choosing from an extensive library of objects and textures.

Organize the exterior of your house, garden, deck, and pool. Let your imagination loose and create the garden of your dreams. With Punch! Arquitectura 3D Experto you have all the tools you need to design and easily organize the exterior of your house.

Bring life to your 3D projects! Virtually visit your house in 3D. Develop a plan of your project and create a mockup. Share your creation with others to get more ideas, input and feedback and create the home of your dreams!

New objects make it easier than ever to create a budget for your project.


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