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Effective language learning software should increase language proficiency in the shortest amount of time. Transparent’s KidSpeak language learning software is developed toward declarative memory – the aspect of human memory that stores facts - which helps your children to learn and retain vocabulary, phrases and short sentences. After these skills are learned, the procedural memory system – long-term human memory that captures skills and “how to” knowledge - is targeted with grammar learning and actual language production.

KidSpeak Spanish

KidSpeak Inglés

KidSpeak Spanish

KidSpeak Inglés language learning software is hosted by a fun cartoon "friend" and a fun, playful pet who only communicate in the English language. Your child simply points and clicks. (Of course, help in Spanish is never more than a mouse click away.) With KidSpeak Ingles, your child quickly learns correct pronunciation, alphabet and word recognition, simple sentence structures, plural and singular word forms, numbers, simple addition and subtraction, how to tell time, and a lot more. Over 700 words and expressions.

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KidSpeak Spanish language learning software was designed and developed by leading educators to take advantage of the intuitive language learning abilities that grade school children possess. KidSpeak's innovative award-winning approach does not have drills, tests or anything unpleasant. Children simply look forward to the delightful combination of state-of-the-art animations, fun activities, and interactive games, puzzles and songs that are contained in this award-winning language learning and educational software program.

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