MediaRECOVER™ PRO Lost File Recovery - Windows

Easily restore your important wedding photos, tax files and home movies in one easy to use package. MediaRECOVER PRO does not need to be installed on your system prior to losing files. Restore deleted, formatted, or corrupt images, video, MP3's, Microsoft Office Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoints, PDFs, and more.

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Recover your lost digital photos, audio, video and data files with MediaRECOVER software.

MediaRECOVER has been creating easy-to-use and award winning data recovery software for Windows and Mac since 2001. With MediaRECOVER data recovery software and services recovery of lost files from all digital camera media and hard drives is easy. Losing your files is not fun! We want to make the recovery process quick and painless. So, please contact us with any questions along the way!

  • Restore your memories!
  • Save time and energy!
  • Continue enjoying your life!


  • 3 easy steps to recovery of lost files!
  • Designed for the recovery of lost files from FAT/FAT32 and NTFS hard drives, removable media, zip disks, CD's, DVD's, and floppy disks.
  • Offers multiple recovery methods to restore as many of your files as possible.

File Types
Recovers the following partial list of files:

  • Microsoft Office Files - DOC, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and more.
  • Images - JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, RAW Images (list of supported cameras), and more.
  • Audio/video clips - AVI, MOV, MPG/MPEG, WAV, MP3 and more.

Format Utility Included
Restores corrupt media by writing new system files. This utility is useful if the media is reported as corrupt or non-initialized. The utility does not overwrite files.

Wipe Utility Included
Allows users to securely delete old files from a removable drive. The Wipe Utility is useful in preventing data fragmentation errors by cleaning data from a media card.

System Requirements

  • DO NOT save to the same drive that you are recovering files from. Files may accidentally be overwritten.
  • Firewire/USB memory card reader device.
  • Windows® 2000, ME, XP and Vista operating system are supported
  • Hard drive (or another storage media) space the size of your media to save recovered files to.
  • Software may not recover files after a delete or format in some cameras or situations.


Which version do I need?
Both MediaRECOVER and MediaRECOVER PRO easily restore your important wedding photos, tax files and home movies in one easy to use package. MediaRECOVER PRO also includes optical recovery of CD/DVD media whereas MediaRECOVER does not.

Recover Over 300 file types
Camera Files Images Documents Audio & Video Other Files
Cannon BMP Doc AIFF AI
Olympus JPEG MS Office MOV PPS
...and hundreds more !


This piece of software is definitely the most effective and the easiest to use. Thanks for your help and patience. Over and out.
Mr. Keane

Thanks so much!!!
Peter A. Gray
Sr. PC/LAN Analyst
Star Digital Corp.

We just went to Bangkok and accidentally I formatted the compact-flashcard while it's still in the camera (Minolta Dimage S404) and I was already given up until my friend told me that I may be able to recover the pictures. I searched on the internet and came upon and ordered the software. It recovered 99% of the missing pictures!!!!
I'm really glad I bought the software. Now we have some pictures to show our friends.
Chris Soengkono

I can't thank you enough for the software. I took lots of pictures of my daughter's birth with my Sony digital cam and within days, the memory stick in the camera became corrupted. I was miserable because I could not see the photos or share it with my family and friends. I thought my pictures were gone forever. Fortunately I learned about your software while doing a search for memory stick rescue on the internet. I wrote you to get more information about your software and decided to purchase it; after all, I have nothing to lose by trying.

After purchasing your software on line, I immediately installed it on my computer and performed the rescue process. Within minutes the lost pictures showed up on my screen. I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife and I were in tears looking at the pictures we thought were gone for good. We can't thank you enough for the software and brought us back memories which you cannot put a price on.
I am going to recommend to my friends and co-workers to use your software in the event of disaster failure of their storage media. Keep up the good work. Feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again.
Michael Chang
Network Engineer-Global network services
San Ramon, CA

I somehow lost 32mb of pictures that I took of a job site in Puerto Rico. Your software was amazing.
Jack Wittmann

Just wanted to let you know that I was happy to retrieve most of my pictures. I had checked the pictures on the camera before I took the memory stick to the camera shop to save to a CD while on vacation. They told me they could not save the pictures as the disk showed format error. I don't know if they damaged the stick but after that I could not show them on the camera. But it still showed 69 pictures taken. So I knew something must have been on the stick but just knowing how to retrieve them was a problem. When I got home and showed them on the computer, the numbers came up but could only pull up 1 picture. I had called Sony technical service and they said I could not retrieve the pictures and I would have to do a reformat and then to see if the memory stick was still good. That didn't give me much hope, so I was checking the memory stick with the computer and decided as a last resort I would do the scan disk. Then I was able to pull up 3 pictures, next I did the defragment and that's when I got a few more pictures and some were 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 pictures. I still was not ready to give up so I was reading a digital magazine and decided to email the Q&A column to see if anyone else had solved this problem. The mail box was full and I kept getting a returned email. Then I started searching the web for "recovery of memory sticks and came across you web site. I was thrilled to be able to pull up the one picture on the demo. After using your software 81 pictures was retrieved and of them 59 were excellent. Probably if I had not done the scan and defragment I would have been able to retrieve all 69 in good shape. I am well please that I was able to save the 59 and will certainly tell my friends of you web site. Thanks for your help and expertise. I am certainly one not to give up easily and feel so fortunate that I was lucky enough to find your web site. I have had my Sony DSC85 digital camera since last August 2001. I have 7 memory sticks and have taken over 5000 pictures and this is the first time I have had a problem with a memory stick. I am an artist and travel a lot. I love doing the digital photos.
Thanks again,
Ettie Pate


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"We really liked the fact that MediaRECOVER Pro allows you to recover files from CDs, DVDs and floppy disks. Not many data recovery products are able to make that claim."